Monaco Capitale du Yachting


To maintain its position as leader, today Monaco needs to “demonstrate by example” and support this industry in its transformation and understanding of the challenges ahead, to:

• Strengthen Monaco’s appeal faced with growing international competition, be that in tourism or business terms, by highlighting its many advantages.
• Encourage people to enter this industry through training, which creates jobs.
• Support and promote Monaco’s history of innovation to build a better future for yachting.
• Export its expertise by pushing events that over the years have gained legitimacy and a reputation as being at the cutting edge.
• Foster synergies and coordinate actions with all Monegasque institutions and yachting professionals who already have strong representation internationally.



To affirm Monaco’s position as a centre of excellence and exemplary model in terms of protecting the environment, but also on a societal and educational level, the principle stakeholders signed a Commitment Charter testifying to their involvement in this collective approach.

Quotes From Our signatories

“The vision is simple: Monaco must always be ahead on economic and environmental issues. We must mobilise all stakeholders. It is an essential factor in our economy’s appeal to business, as the Principality offers an exceptional network of all professions operating in this industry” 

H.E. Mr Pierre Dartout

Prime Minister

“We must all be on board with this theme to meet our commitments to reduce greenhouse gases” 

Céline Caron-Dagioni

Monaco’s Minister of Public Works, Environment and Urban Development

“In order to preserve the fragile link between mankind and the sea, this growth and modernisation can only be achieved by respecting the marine environment.” 

Frédéric Genta

Interministerial Delegate for Attractiveness and Digital Transition

“Capital of Advanced Yachting is above all about connecting the various sectors and players in different disciplines, while addressing the issues of sustainability and protecting marine ecosystems”. 

Olivier Wenden

Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II Foundation

“Yachting today faces a major evolution, and retrofit is at the centre of reflections on the sector’s future.” 

Bernard d’Alessandri

YCM General Secretary
President of Cluster Yachting Monaco

Monaco’s two harbours are already equipped with electricity terminals. A major project is underway with SEPM (which manages the harbours) and government teams to equip the main harbour wall and install electrical connections for the very large vessels”. 

Thomas Battaglione


Monaco Capitale du Yachting