Monaco Capitale du Yachting


As part of its mission to promote Monaco and facing a growing international competition, the MONACO CAPITAL OF YACHTING initiative has been launched in 2012, under the leadership of the Yacht Club of Monaco.

Raising awareness among local players and followed by concrete actions, this approach has come to be obvious for the attractiveness of the Principality.

Ocean protection, global warming, and pollution aren’t binary: we won’t tick a box and say ‘‘did we save our planet? Yes or no’’. There’s not a state of success and a state of failure; it’s a continuous evolution determined by each of the cogs in the system, and you and I are part of it.
This is why ten years later, facing more than ever the environmental threats, this initiative has taken a new turn and has become MONACO CAPITAL OF ADVANCED YACHTING.



  • is based in Monaco
  • with a link with the sea or yachting
  • who adopts a sustainable development approach (in line with UN objectives)
  • is involved in joint actions to promote yachting internationally
  • is a signatory of our Engagement Charter, our guide to good practice, which should be a commitment reference (for those interested, I’ll be happy to show a copy of it)

‘‘The oceans are our life force, let’s get together.

the more we’ll work in this direction, the faster we’ll move forward’’.

Monaco Capitale du Yachting