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capital of advanced yachting


Monaco is not only the capital of luxury yachting, but most importantly, the capital of sustainable yachting

HSH Prince Albert II

Yacht Club de Monaco President


Unite the many players in Monaco’s yachting sector


Create synergies between all institutions


Demonstrate their expertise and skills


next events

  • Spring Pop-Up
  • 5/3/2022-0:0
  • 5/3/2022-0:0
  • Quai Louis II,Monaco
  • The next 3rd of May at YCM Marina from 9am to 5pmAs last year we will introduce the Open Day with round tables on actual issues of the Yachting sectorAll professionnals, partners and clients are welcome for our event.Please contact for info on berths availabilities and confirm your attendance.We will update regularly the program with new yachts so don’t forget to register before the D Day !
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  • Monaco Energy Boat Challenge
  • 7/4/2022-0:0
  • 7/9/2022-0:0
  • Quai Louis II,Monaco
  • Faced with environmental and technical challenges that require an urgent response to move forward, the Yacht Club de Monaco aims to be the driving force behind a new vision for yachting and to promote any positive approaches through this unique event. Under the leadership of its President HSH Prince Albert II, and loyal to a tradition of innovation at the first powerboat meetings held here, the Yacht Club de Monaco is an incubator that supports yachting R&D. This event aims to stimulate the creativity of tomorrow’s engineers and the industry to develop propulsion methods using clean energy. We want to provide a platform for exchanges and meetings through a conference, Tech Talks and Exhibition. The days of just raising awareness are over – time now for action!
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  • Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous
  • 9/25/2022-0:0
  • 9/26/2022-0:0
  • Quai Louis II,Monaco
  • Organised by Monaco Marina Management (M3), the one-day Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous gathered key players in the sector, investors, developers, industrialists and innovators to promote development of eco-responsible marinas that are efficient, attractive and lively places where people want to be. The day focused on high-level discussions between decision-makers in the marina ecosystem, keen to invest in innovative solutions that meet their environmental and business challenges. The spotlight was on the most promising and most innovative solutions to encourage their take-up by the sector. Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the event was hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco, a platform for promoting and exchanging views on initiatives in favour of an eco-responsible approach to yachting, at sea and ashore.
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  • Monaco Yacht Show
  • 9/28/2022-0:0
  • 10/1/2022-0:0
  • Quai Louis II,Monaco
  • Le Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) est un salon international annuel dédié au monde de la grande plaisance.Créé en 1991, le salon se tient sur quatre jours à la fin du mois de septembre dans l’enceinte du Port Hercule de Monaco.Le MYS se répartit en deux principaux espaces d’exposition : à flot et sur les quais. A flot, une centaine de superyachts et une cinquantaine de tenders de luxe sont exposées par les constructeurs navals et les courtiers maritimes les plus reconnus du marché.450 sociétés, triées sur le volet et représentant l’excellence et l’innovation dans le yachting, exposent sur les quais : designers et architectes navals, équipementiers et prestataires de service pour yachts ou fabricants de tenders et de gadgets nautiques.Ces dernières années, le salon a étendu son offre d’exposition aux marchés ultra-haut de gamme intrinsèquement liés à l’art de vivre le superyachting en proposant des produits, voitures et motos de luxe, des hélicoptères ou des constructeurs de jets privés.Le Monaco Yacht Show est mondialement reconnu pour la qualité exceptionnelle de ses superyachts et leur taille impressionnante : parmi la centaine d’unités exposée, une quarantaine de nouveautés est dévoilée en première mondiale chaque année. La flotte présente une longueur moyenne de 50m et des méga yachts dépassant les 100m.Le salon est aujourd’hui devenu un événement emblématique prisé par les visiteurs privés venus découvrir une incroyable concentration de superyachts disponibles à l’achat ou à la location et rencontrer les experts du marché dans l’ambiance festive et glamour de la Principauté de Monaco.Le Monaco Yacht Show est organisé sous le Haut Patronage de Son Altesse Sérénissime le Prince Albert II de Monaco.
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  • J/70 World Championship
  • 10/14/2022-0:0
  • 10/22/2022-0:0
  • Quai Louis II,Monaco
  • After the success of the J/70 European Championship hosted in October 2015, the YCM continues to pursue its ambitions. In 2022 it will organise the class’s World Championship in what is clear recognition by sailing authorities of our Club. With 20 boats flying our burgee thanks to the proactive Monaco J/70 Class Association, the Club can claim to own one of the largest J/70 fleets in the world.
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Yachting in monaco

As part of its remit to promote Monaco and in the face of growing, increasingly competitive competition, YCM launched its Monaco Capital of Yachting project in 2012.

Yachting is an industry and way of life in its own right. Positioning Monaco as the sector’s world capital makes total sense. Proud of a long tradition for innovation, Monaco is one of the most influential places in the world that sets trends in yachting: this is the opportunity to be a “Silicon Valley of the Seaside”.

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Some Quotes From Our signatories

“The vision is simple: Monaco must always be ahead on economic and environmental issues. We must mobilise all stakeholders. It is an essential factor in our economy’s appeal to business, as the Principality offers an exceptional network of all professions operating in this industry » 

H.E. Mr Pierre Dartout

Minister of State (for the Principality)

« We must all be on board with this theme to meet our commitments to reduce greenhouse gases » 

Céline Caron-Dagioni

Monaco’s Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development

« In order to preserve the fragile link between mankind and the sea, this growth and modernisation can only be achieved by respecting the marine environment.” 

Frédéric Genta

Country Chief Digital Officer in charge of Monaco’s Digital Transition

« Capital of Advanced Yachting is above all about connecting the various sectors and players in different disciplines, while addressing the issues of sustainability and protecting marine ecosystems”. 

Olivier Wenden

Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II Foundation

« Yachting today faces a major evolution, and retrofit is at the centre of reflections on the sector’s future. » 

Bernard d’Alessandri

YCM General Secretary
President of Cluster Yachting Monaco

Monaco’s two harbours are already equipped with electricity terminals. A major project is underway with SEPM (which manages the harbours) and government teams to equip the main harbour wall and install electrical connections for the very large vessels”. 

Thomas Battaglione


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